UC DAAP Urban Planning Studio Spring 2020


in collaboration with

Clinton County Regional Planning Commission


This project was created by the UC DAAP BUP class of 2022 in collaboration with the Clinton County Regional Planning Commission. The focus of this project was to produce accessible research in order to aid future planning efforts. Our research was directed by a regional perspective, as well as a focus on the narrative of full life-cycle planning. 6 main topic groups focused on aspects such as technology, environmental conditions, economic development, quality of life, design, and government structure

Scroll down, click the arrow, or scroll up to the main title page and press connections in order to view each group's research.



Each topic group produced a story map using ArcGIS software in order to represent their research while utilizing the data and functions of Esri and ArcGIS online. Scroll down and click each individual group's symbol in order to view detailed research.


Preserving Clinton County’s historical foundation in agriculture while advancing industry practices to boost the local economy, maintain a prominent role in the region, and ensure resources will last for generations to come.


Developing a vibrant economy by fostering regional economic resilience and supporting local and regional businesses, all while providing resources and support for a prosperous future and secure economy for the people of Clinton County.


Building upon existing connections with gateway growth and advancing modern technology.


Strengthening existing relationships within the region by establishing a hierarchy of roles in government.


Designing to improve the built environment and increase livability for the residents of Clinton County while also supporting healthy economic development.


Fostering an equitable community that encourages safety, health, accessibility, and happiness in order to maximize the quality of life for the people of Clinton County.


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